Podophyllin Dose, Side effects, Mechanism of action, Uses for warts


Podophyllin has been the basis for the management of external warts since the 1942 Centers for Disease Control recommends the application of external lesion not exceeding 0.5 ml and limited to 10 cm or less per session. After the initial application, the patient is re-examined and repeated at weekly intervals. The patient should wash the treated area for 2-4 hours after each topical use.

If no improvement is noted after one month, it should be considered as alternative treatments. However, the most successfully treated lesions respond in two to four days. The effectiveness of the treatment varies between 22-98%. Topical podophyllotoxin as 0.5% Solution or gel (Podoillox) is one of the most commonly used ablation therapy for genital warts, which is also a major use of podophyllin resin.

But because of the potential Toxicity of this Podophyllotoxin is a ligand present in an active crude podophyllin resin and exhibits activity at concentrations of 0.5 to 10.0% in the treatment of genital HPV infection. The ability to apply a particular concentration according to a chemical ingredient leaves treatment for patients administered as a way to treat genital warts.

The reported 0.5 mg solution of podophyllotoxin is effective in the treatment of penile warts and is well tolerated in the self-administered regimen. It also offers potential benefits in terms of safety and cost in relation to the treatment of genital warts, podophyllin resin.

Podophyllotoxin is applied to external warts twice daily for three consecutive days. Treatment is then performed for four days, and the cycle is repeated up to four weeks. Patient's instructions should include the following burning of the application may be expected,. Still, excessive burning, pain or swelling should be reported, wash hands after use and avoid contact during treatment days.

Podophyllin Dose, Side effects, Mechanism of action, Uses for warts

Podophyllin Side effects

  • Burning
  • Meatitis
  • Systemic toxicity
  • pain at application site
  • Redness
  • Skin irritation
  • Skin allergy

Podophyllin Mechanism of action

Podophyllotoxin is a purified podophyllin derivative with cytolytic effects. Its mechanism of action includes antimitosis, inhibition of nucleoside transport, stimulation of macrophage proliferation, and production of IL-1 and IL-2. Podophyllotoxin is prescribed as a treatment.

Podophyllin Uses/Indications

Podophyllin is recommended to treat warts like periungual warts, plantar warts etc. It should not be used on irritated on wounded skin as it may cause intense burning. Moreover, it is not suitable to apply over urethral warts.

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