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Glutathione Nebulizer Treament Benefits, Solution, Side Effects

Glutathione nebulizer is a specially designed device used to inhale glutathione in the form of vapours. It is a type of breathing treatment for the deficiency of glutathione in body. The nebulizer is used to administer medications like glutathione or acetyl cysteine in to the lungs via nasal route. Sometimes an essential oil is blended along with the medication which helps to soothe the lungs and tissues of nasal cavity. Glutathione is administered in the form of two combos i.e. glutathione alone with essential oil or glutathione along with cysteine mixed with essential oil. This breathing treatment is so relaxing that patient may easily sleep.

Glutathione Nebulizer Treatment

Nebulizer is used for the breathing treatment. And glutathione is administered with the help of nebulizer. Glutathione nebulizer is used in case of glutathione deficiency. Glutathione synthase when become deficient, it leads to the inhibition of formation of glutathione molecule. Glutathione is essential for cells, as it is responsible for neutralizing the harmful molecules produced during energy production. There are many reasons behind the deficiency of glutathione. There may be some disease like cystic fibrosis, which will decrease the glutathione level . In such situation, glutathione nebulizer is recommended to fulfil the deficiency of glutathione.

Glutathione Nebulizer Treament Benefits, Solution, Side Effects

Glutathione Nebulizer Benefits

As glutathione is administered with the help of nebulizer so it is the vapours dosage form which is inhaled through nasal cavity. The inhaler have many benefits over other dosage forms. It is specially designed to relief the lungs and nasal tissues. There are many respiratory or lung diseases, for which inhaled glutathione is recommended. Some of the main diseases include, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, cancer in lungs, asthma and build up of fluids in the body. Via nebulizer, the drug is successfully inhaled. All the dose is delivered successfully to the target site.

Glutathione Nebulizer Solution

Glutathione nebulizer is recommended for the condition in which there is deficiency of glutathione in body. Glutathione is administered in the three types of combos. It is administered alone without any mixture of essential oil or any other drug solution, or it is administered along with the drug solution of acetyl cysteine, or it is administered by mixing with any essential oil and make a solution. The solution form turns it in the form of vapours and with the help of aerosol principle, these moist vapours are delivered to the nasal cavity and reach to the lung cavity.

Glutathione Nebulizer Side Effects

There are various major and minor side effects associated with glutathione nebulizer and also with glutathione administration. The minor side effects associated with glutathione nebulizer are unpleasant odour and transient coughing. And these are common side effects. Patient is recommended to check his sulfite level in urine before starting treatment of glutathione nebulizer. The major side effect associated with glutathione nebulizer is the bronchoconstriction. Bronchoconstriction with glutathione nebulizer is only reported in asthma patients because patient may be sensitive to sulfite. Side effects of glutathione administration include lower zinc levels in body. It may initiate asthma attack and as a result wheezing may occur.
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