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Mtrr A66g Mutation Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Diet

MTrr is the abbreviation of 5 methyltetrahydrofolate Homocysteine Methyltransferase Reductase. It is an enzyme which is responsible for the production of an important amino acid named methionine. MTrr directly interacts with the methionine synthase for the continuous production of methionine. Methionine Amino acid in turn encoded for the Gene named MTrr. Methionine is the most important amino acid which helps to carry out major functions of body. Vitamin B12 is essential for the coordination with methionine synthase. MTrr basically breaks the bond between methionine synthase and side by side inactivate vitamin B12. When mutation occurs at G allele of A66g in MTrr Gene occurs, this whole chain of methionine formation is disturbed.

Mtrr A66g Mutation Symptoms

When there is mutation in the G allele of A66g in MTrr two main problems occur i.e. deficiency of methionine and imbalance in the level of Homocysteine. Regarding these two problems, following symptoms appear.

Due to deficiency of methionine, there may be fat accumulation, production level of glutathione is reduced, problems regarding cardiovascular system, fatty liver, toxins may build up in body, raised level of inflammatory histamine, less production of SAMe, UTI problems and low immunity and many more.

Mtrr A66g Mutation Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Diet

Mtrr A66g Mutation Cause

Mutation at the 66 position of Gene named MTrr leads to two main problems i.e. Imbalance in the level of Homocysteine in blood and deficiency of an important amino acid named methionine. Mutation in MTrr A66g occurs due to the problem in methionine synthase Reductase Gene. Any kind of defect in the methionine synthase Reductase Gene is the main cause behind MTrr A66g mutation. MTrr A66g is responsible for the balancing of Homocysteine and methionine Amino acid in body.

Mtrr A66g Mutation Treatment

Treatment of MTrr A66g mutation include supplements. As MTrr A66g is responsible for the breakup of methionine synthase and also it helps in bonding of vitamin B12 to form a proper molecule leaving methionine alone. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the whole process so taking supplements of vitamin B12 helps a lot. Vitamin B12 helps to convert homocysteine into methionine by combining actively to methionine synthase. It happens due to an active ingredient of vitamin B12 i.e. methylcobalamine. Another active ingredient named L methionine helps a lot in recovering the low level of methionine in body.

Mtrr A66g Mutation Diet

As treatment of MTrr A66g mutation includes supplements of active vitamin B12. So dietary products containing high level of vitamin B12 are recommended in diet. Diet of such patients should consist of eggs, fish, meat, shell fish and milk etc. Some plants are also recommended to take in diet like mashrooms and dried lavers because they contain high amount of vitamin B12 in them. Other than this, some vitamin supplements are also recommended. Along with this healthy diet, consumption of alcohol is strictly banned. As alcohol contains acetaldehyde in it which can produce toxicity in body.
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