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Cyclops Lesion Surgery, Recovery, Recurrence, ACL

A Cyclops lesion which is also known as localized anterior arthrofibrosis is defined as a painful lesion in the inner mass present at the anterior side of knee. It occurs as a result of  anterior cruciate ligament ACL reconstruction. It is considered a main complication of anterior cruciate ligament ACL reconstruction. But in rare cases, it also occurs without reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament ACL. Cyclops lesion occurs in approximately 5 percent of patients who had anterior cruciate ligament ACL reconstruction. With a Cyclops lesion, patient can't move his knee without pain specially while extension of affected knee.

Cyclops Lesion Surgery

To treat Cyclops lesion, arthroscopic surgery is recommended. In arthroscopic surgery, a small incision is made near knee joint, And then surgeon inserts a small pencil like instrument inside the joint to lighten up the inner view. A small lens is also fixed with it to visualize the proper problem in the joint. That pencil shaped instrument which is inserted inside joint, is known as arthroscope. According to the injury, the appropriate instruments are also inserted inside via accessory incisions. After surgery, the small incision are covered with dressing and large ones are stitched. Some pain medications are prescribed in case of need.

Cyclops Lesion Surgery, Recovery, Recurrence, ACL

Cyclops Lesion Recovery

Small incision is made in arthroscopy to treat Cyclops lesion. These small wounds will take several days to heal completely. Dressing is preferably removed the very next morning and then adhesive tapes are used. Although there is not much pain associated with arthroscopy and not a big incision or wound is associated but still it takes week to recover the functioning of joint completely. A proper rehabilitation program helps a lot in making the recovery process fast. There is not a defined recovery time because the severity of injury and care of wounds along with proper rehabilitation program affects recovery speed.

Cyclops Lesion Recurrence

After arthroscopic surgery of Cyclops lesion, there are higher chances of recurrence of Cyclops lesion. People treated with arthroscopic surgery, even after great care and physical therapy 2nd Cyclops lesion may occur. Every time Cyclops lesion i.e reoccurred, the pain is worse than before. On every re-occurrence of Cyclops lesion, surgery is necessary. But repetitive surgeries, increase the scarring of tissues. If scarring get worse, then more surgeries may be required which will cause more pain. Surgery after surgery may lead to disappointment of patient and increased expenditure of money.

Cyclops Lesion ACL

ACL is the abbreviation of anterior cruciate ligament which is present in the knee joint of a person. Cyclops lesion occurs after anterior cruciate ligament ACL reconstruction. It is the replacement of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with a surgical tissue graft. It is performed after an injury,  to restore it's function. After successful surgery i.e. reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament ACL , if still patient feels problem in moving his knee ( painful knee extension) then it is the sign of Cyclops lesion. Cyclops lesion is the arthrofibrosis of the mass present in the anterior side of knee joint.
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