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Perineum Burning Sensation in Female & Male, Itching, during Urination

Perineum burning is also known as perineal burning. Perineum is the region between anus and testicles in males. In case of females, it is the area between vagina and anus. Perineum burning is more like perineum pain so the word pain can also be used instead of burning. The symptoms of perineum burning do not differ in both genders. The burning of perineum is bearable if acute, but if it becomes chronic, patient cant bear it any more and it may last for months. In chronic perineum burning, it may last for at least 3 months but in case of acute perineum burning, it may last for less than 3 months.

Perineum Burning Sensation In Females

Almost every women once in her life experience burning or pain in perineum region. After stepping into puberty or menarche, girls commonly face perineal burning. Sometimes it cures on its own but in some cases, it becomes severe and unbearable. The most common causes in women which may lead to perineum burning include large sized cyst in ovaries, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian torsion I.e. ovary get twisted in a way that causes pain in perineum region. Some inflammatory diseases in pelvic region also leads to perineal burning in women.

Perineum Burning Sensation in Female & Male, Itching, during Urination

Perineum Burning Sensation In Males

Perineum burning in males is as much common in females. The symptoms are same in both male and females. Pain is the main symptom and associated symptoms are fever, chills and weakness. There may be many reasons behind burning in perineum region. Any kind of infection or problems in urethra may lead to pain or burning in perineal region. Any kind of genital infection or problems like ejaculatory issues may also lead to burning or pain in perineum region. Some abdominal issues are also responsible for causing perineum burning like colitis, proctitis and appendicitis.

Perineum Itching

Itching in the perineum region may occur due to any infection in vagina in females and in testicles in males. In females, Pruritus vulvae can cause itching in perineal region. Basically vulva is the skin present just outside the vagina so infection in perineum can cause itching. Causes are different in males as any injury at perineum can cause pain and it's healing causes itching. Patient feels burning and itching at perineum and excessive rubbing or scratching may tear skin apart. And teared skin causes more pain and further leads to soreness, infections and bleeding.

Perineum Burning Sensation During Urination

Painful urination along with perineum burning is usual in case of infection in surrounding parts. Infection in urethra may lead to painful urination and burning sensation in perineum region. When urine touches perineum, burning sensation occurs and after urination patient feels itching. Painful urination along with perineum burning is a vast topic and covers a lot of infections related to genitals and urinary tract. Sometimes teared and rough skin due to perineum itching when comes in contact with urine, it causes a tingling pain in the perineum region. Sometimes this pain becomes unbearable.
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