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Scrotal Lymphedema Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Scrotal elephantiasis is the other name of scrotal lymphedema. It is defined as aplasia. Hypoplasia or obstruction of lymphatic vessels present in scrotum. The scrotum of patient becomes abnormally large due to tissue accumulation or lymph fluid. The outer boundary or outer skin of scrotum is thick and cause ulceration in some severe cases. It may be congenital i.e. occurs by birth in infants or acquired i.e. occurs laterally as a result of an infection. Some common infections which may lead to scrotal lymphedema involve lymphoma granuloma verenereum or filarial infestation with wuchereria bancrofti.

These infections are not common which makes the the scrotal lymphedema a rare disease. It can also occur as a result of hernia. Some common symptoms of scrotal lymphedema include chronic inflammation, lymph node dissection, irradiation and neoplasm. Penis may embed or sink in the abnormally enlarged scrotum. Treatment of scrotal lymphedema totally depends upon the underlying cause. Patient respond to the treatment for lymphatic rearrangement. If scrotal lymphedema occurs as a result of congestive heart failure or fluid overload i.e. hydrocele then diuretics are prescribed. There are many other treatment options which are selected in the basis of cause and severity of disease.

Scrotal Lymphedema Images

Scrotal Lymphedema Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Scrotal Lymphedema Symptoms

Scrotal lymphedema is the abnormal enlargement of scrotum. So enlargement of scrotum which is greater as compared to the size of penis shows presence of scrotal lymphedema. Penis get buried or sinks in the enlarged scrotum. Patient can't walk comfortably because shear size of scrotum makes patient uncomfortable. Inflammation occurs in scrotum because of activation of lymphatic system. Other symptoms include neoplasm, irradiation and lymph node dissection. Patient is advised to lose weight. Pain may occur sometimes but often there is no pain. Patient only feels pain during walking upon rubbing of scrotum walls with legs.

Scrotal Lymphedema Causes

Scrotal lymphedema can occur congenitally or acquired. If it is congenital, then neonate may already born with this disease but if it is acquired, then an infection will be the reason behind it. The infections which are responsible for causing scrotal lymphedema include lymphoma granuloma verenereum or filarial infestation with the wonchereria bancrofti. These infections are not common at all and ultimately makes scrotal lymphedema a rare disease. It commonly occurs in obese because of their over weight. In scrotal lymphedema, the swelling because of inflammation occurs in one side of scrotum. It can prove fatal for patient if left untreated.

Scrotal Lymphedema Treatment

Treatment is totally dependant on the cause and severity of disease. In case if scrotal lymphedema occurs as a result of fluid accumulation I.e. hydrocele and congestive heart failure, then diuretics are recommended. Mild or acute level of disease is treated with steroids. As it occurs secondary to an infection, so inflammation occurs and antibiotics are prescribed to treat infection. Surgery is another treatment option which is performed when medication therapy is no more affective. In some cases, the penile skin is chronically avulsed. The penile shaft should be split thickness skin grafted.
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