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Spatulate Fingers Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Palmistry, Treatment


Spatulate fingers as the name indicate is a condition in which the fingers are of spatula shaped. Spatula shaped means the fingers and toes are square shaped from the tips. The thumbs are short in size and toes are also shortened. The finger next to the toe is unusually longer than toe. The shape of fingers can be defined as wide from the tips and become elongated moving down to the fingers. These type of fingers predict many things about the personality of person. Spatulate fingers are considered of great importance in palmistry. Palmistry is the study of hands.

Spatulate Fingers Symptoms

Spatulate fingers itself are the symptoms of disease named otopalatodigital syndrome. In this syndrome the fingers are of spatula shaped i.e. wide from the tips and moving down to the base, fingers become elongated. The toes and thumb of hands are shorter in size than usual. Due to shorter thumbs and toes, the fingers right next to them look abnormally large. The fingers have square shape from the tips. As it is the main symptom of otopalatodigital syndrome, so some other symptoms also occur along with it which are deformity of chest and hearing loss.

Spatulate Fingers Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Palmistry, Treatment

Spatulate Fingers Causes

There are many reasons behind the deformity of fingers i.e. spatulate fingers. But the most common cause reported behind the spatulate fingers is otopalatodigital syndrome. In this syndrome, the fingers become spatula shaped i.e. wide from the tips and elongated while moving downward to the base. Other than otopalatodigital syndrome, following are the minor causes behind spatulate fingers. Frontometaphyseal dysplasia, cenani syndactylism, ehlers danlos syndrome type progeroid, acroosteolysis dominant type, Costello syndrome, osteopathia striata, stevenson Carey syndrome, spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia type irapa, acroosteolysis keloid like lesions premature aging syndrome, spondylo occular syndrome and many other causes like that.

Spatulate Fingers Treatment

Spatulate fingers are the main symptoms of otopalatodigital syndrome. The treatment of otopalatodigital syndrome will not treat spatulate fingers because it is the deformity of the bones. Surgical procedure is the only treatment for spatulate fingers. With the help of surgery, the deformity can be removed and fingers are aligned. After surgery, the pain killers are prescribed to relief pain. After surgery, regular exercise of fingers is recommended for faster recovery. Patient is advised to take rest for some weeks and then try to grip something with fingers for the regulation of movement of fingers and thumb.

Spatulate Fingers In Palmistry

The shape of fingers tell a lot of things about the personality of a person. The spatula shaped fingers tell a lot of things like the flattened or spatula shaped wide end tips tell that the person have higher mind and it also reflects higher feelings. People with this type of fingers have good imagination power. These people take interest in finding something that can keep them up and occupied. They have boundless energy and their personality is not boring at all. Mostly these people crave for finding new knowledge and be up to date with time.

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