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How to use CBD Oil For Tinnitus


To understand the use of CBD oil in tinnitus, we should be well aware of the disease i.e. tinnitus. Tinnitus is a medical condition in which person experience hearing problems. The functions of ear are impaired. The problem is in the nerves and vessels responsible for auditory service. This is not a life threatening condition and can be treated with CBD oil. CBD oil is abbreviated as cannabidiol. Cannabidiol or CBD oil is listed as an oil having endless potential benefits. CBD oil is one of the cannabinoid in 113. It is found in marijuana plant. It itself is not a psycho active compound, in other words it will not activate mind after consumption. CBD also have many medicinal properties. In tinnitus, patient feel raging in the affected ear. A single dose of CBD oil can bring a change in this raging.

As a patient said, she took three drops of CBD oil via sublingual route and the effect was not immediate. After some time, CBD oil started working and she started feeling relaxed. The next morning, raging sound was not there and ear was almost silent. Cannabis contains marijuana in it which helps a lot in treating tinnitus. It is also used for other diseases like epilepsy. Basically tinnitus is also called epilepsy of the ear that's why cannabis is recommended for its treatment. Cannabinoids are the drugs which have anti epileptic effects. But it shows its action in some cases and in rare parts of brain. A single CBD product containing oil have 0.3 percent of THC in it. CBD is legal in United States.

How to use CBD Oil For Tinnitus

CBD oil is available in various dosage forms i.e. from CBD powders to vape ready concentrate. It is also available in the form of plant tincture oil. There are various ways by which CBD can be administered. It is either taken orally, or Vaped or smoked. When it is smoked, CBD is absorbed in the lining of lungs. Another route of administration is sublingual route. By sublingual route, the CBD is absorbed directly in to the capillaries and show it's affect. As CBD oil is used for the treatment of tinnitus but it does not have direct affect on the disease. It has indirect affect by reducing stress and anxiety.

When the stress level is down, patient feels relaxed and feels quiter tinnitus. CBD oil contains marijuana which is a muscle relaxant. So when patient administer CBD, he feels relaxed both mentally and physically. This is how tinnitus is treated. When we talk about it's Dosage, the effects of CBD are different at different doses. Like it has calming effect with muscle relaxation at lower doses. But at higher doses, patient feels slight pressure on head. It causes sedation. CBD also induces sleep in patient at higher doses. CBD oil does not show immediate effects in patient. Its action also depends upon the patient and dose. It has commutative effect and requires daily consumption of CBD.

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