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Global Hypokinesis of Left Ventricle Mild, Moderate & Severe


Global hypokinesis is a condition which describes the weakness of heart and improper functioning of heart. It also describes obstruction in the coronary blood vessels and this obstruction may range between mild to severe. Global hypokinesis gives information about improper functioning of each and every part of heart i.e. all the Chambers, membranes, walls of heart, ventricles and arteries etc.

Due to improper functioning there is irregularities in the tasks of heart and as a result the heart becomes weak and lose it's strength. Global hypokinesis is a different condition from regional weakness of heart. As the name indicates regional weakness defines weakness in some of the regions of heart and a few parts are involved. But in global hypokinesis ( as the name indicates global) involves the improper functioning of whole heart including all parts. There my be many causes behind global hypokinesis and some of them are heart attack, cardiomyopathy and ischemic heart diseases etc. The common symptoms if global hypokinesis are

Rapid or irregularities in the heart beat. As heart tends to beat fast in order to supply appropriate amount of blood to the body and this may count as abnormal or irregular heart beat.
Water or other body fluids retention. Due to global hypokinesis, there will be decreased blood output and as a result less blood is supplied to body. It may cause retention of fluids in body.

Global Hypokinesis of Left Ventricle Mild, Moderate & Severe

Mild Global Hypokinesis In Left Ventricle

Left ventricle is the chamber of heart and a hard working part of heart which receives blood from lungs and passes it to the body. Electrocardiogram is performed to check the activity of heart. In ECG, the activity of left ventricle of heart is recorded which is irregular. The muscles of heart specially of left ventricle are not contracting properly which is the main reason behind improper functioning of heart (global hypokinesis). The improper contraction of muscles does not affect the ejection fraction of heart.

Moderate Global Hypokinesis In Left Ventricle

Left ventricle is the most important part of heart as it is responsible for supplying blood to the whole body. If there is a problem in the heart specially left ventricle, the functioning of whole heart is disturbed. Global hypokinesis in left ventricle means the whole ventricle is not working properly. The contraction of heart muscles is improper at moderate level which is neither mild nor severe. The activity of heart can be checked on ECG. The electrocardiogram shows the exact location of problem in heart.

Severe Global Hypokinesis In Left Ventricle

Severe global hypokinesis in left ventricle means the whole left ventricle is weak and is not working properly. The muscles of left ventricle of heart are not contracting properly that's why the functioning is impaired. ECG shows the abnormality in function of heart in the left ventricle. The heart is not pumping blood to the body in proper way. In severe global hypokinesis, the ejection fraction of blood is also disturbed. It is a life threatening condition and urgently requires treatment.

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