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Corpora Amylacea Prostate, Corpora Amylacea Brain, Corpora Amylacea Urine


Corpora amylacea is a condition in which protein based calcified materials starts accumulating in dense amounts. Corpora amylacea is also known as amyloids. It commonly occurs in men who are over the age of sixty. The calcified material is fibrous protein. Prostatic ducts are blocked due to accumulation of calcified material which is insoluble in nature. It happens when prostate gland cannot function properly and as a result, the fluid it produces got disturbed and do not secreted properly.

Other than this, if there is any infection or pus in prostate gland, then pus will not find any way out of prostate gland. Due to accumulation of pus inside ducts of prostate gland, it start becoming harder with time. The process of calcification start producing tiny stones and these stones blocks ducts of prostate gland. Due to blockage, more fluid start accumulating inside prostate gland leading to more stones production with the passage of time. Corpora amylacea is an asymptomatic disease which may exist for about 5 years with no visible symptoms.

It is believed that corpora amylacea is the underlying cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Treatment start with medications to alleviate symptoms and surgery can be performed if medicines do not work.

Corpora Amylacea Prostate, Corpora Amylacea Brain, Corpora Amylacea Urine

Corpora Amylacea Prostate

Corpora amylacea is the accumulation of calcified material in ducts which is protein based and insoluble in nature. Prostate gland produces a specific fluid which starts accumulating in ducts of prostate gland because of Improper functioning of prostate gland. If there is any infection or pus in prostate gland, then pus does not find its way out of gland and start accumulating. This accumulated fluid start calcifying and produces tiny stones which are insoluble in nature. These stones are responsible for blockage of ducts in prostate gland and more fluid starts accumulating as a result of blockage.

Corpora Amylacea Brain

In case of brain, corpora amylacea is present in the foot processes of astrocytes. Corpora amylacea is present around blood vessels and in sub pial location in brain. Corpora amylacea is different in brain as compared to prostate corpora amylacea. In brain these are faintly laminar and less eosinophilic I.e. contains less red blood cells. The main constituent of corpora amylacea is the presence of amyloid. Polyglucosan bodies is the other name of corpora amylacea in other species. Corpora amylacea is not a pathological condition. It closely resembles fungal yeast forms such as cryptococcus.

Corpora Amylacea Urine

Corpora amylacea is also present in urine ducts. It is derived from degenerative cells. Infrequent Specimens of lamellated and eosinophilic concretions are diagnosed in urine test sample. The common symptoms regarding corpora amylacea in urine is weaken stream of urine because of blockage of duct. Corpora amylacea stones are different from other bladder stones. As bladder stones contains oxalates in them and corpora amylacea are extremely small bodies which are seemingly laminated. It most commonly occurs in males usually of age above 60. Corpora amylacea is most common in ducts of prostate gland as compare to brain and urine ducts.

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