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Right Ventricular Conduction Delay Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


Right ventricular conduction delay means late blood pumping from right ventricle of heart. It is characterized as long QRS complex I.e. more than 0.12 seconds. A single tissue of any branch of bundle of His is involved in delayed conduction. There are three main conditions associated with conduction block which are left bundle branch block, right bundle branch block and interventricular conduction delay. In case of right ventricular conduction delay, right bundle branch block is responsible.

The bundle branch block may be complete or incomplete. Due to right bundle branch block, the conduction of blood towards right bundle of His is reduced and slow. When depolarization occurs in right ventricle, the left one is halfway finished and electrical activity is lost. The QRS interval of right ventricle is marked positive. Right bundle branch block is considered the most common cause behind right ventricular conduction delay.

When we compare complete and incomplete right bundle branch block, the duration of QRS varies. In complete right bundle branch block, the QRS interval is above 120 ms in adults and above 100 ms in children. In case of incomplete right bundle branch block, the QRS interval is between 110 and 120 ms in adults and between 90 and 100 ms in children.

Right Ventricular Conduction Delay Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Right Ventricular Conduction Delay Symptoms

Right  ventricular conduction delay shows symptoms which resemble with symptoms of other heart diseases. Patient suffers from chest pain. Pain may become severe with time due to improper functioning of heart. Patient may become faint due to low blood pressure. Palpitations occur and patient faces difficulties in breathing like shortness of breath with slow exertion. Sometimes rapid breathing occurs due to insufficient conduction of blood and insufficient cellular oxygen supply. Patient may feel nausea and muscle fatigue due to decreased blood supply and cellular oxygen supply.

Right Ventricular Conduction Delay Causes

Right bundle branch block is considered the most common cause of right ventricular conduction delay in healthy individuals. It is responsible for delayed right ventricular depolarization. There may be many reasons behind right bundle branch block. Some of them are atrial septal defect, rheumatic heart disease, right ventricular hypertrophy i.e. increase in size of ventricle, myocarditis, pulmonary embolism I.e. moveable blockage in pulmonary artery or vein, hypertension or cardiomyopathy and brugada syndrome. Bruguda syndrome is defined as prolonged or elevated ST interval due to ventricular fibrillation. These are the all possible reasons which can cause right ventricular conduction delay.

Right Ventricular Conduction Delay Treatment

Right ventricular conduction delay can be treated via following the treatment strategy of the underlying cause. Treating right bundle branch block will help a lot in treating right ventricular conduction delay. Medications are prescribed to control blood pressure. These medications will also reduce the chances of heart failure. Coronary angioplasty is performed in severe cases to open up the pulmonary artery supplying blood to ventricle. In some cases, a pace maker is attached for normal functioning of heart. Cardiac resynchronization is another treatment option which closely resemble pace maker but have an additional wire attached with left side of heart.

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