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Mulberry Molars Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


Mulberry molars is a dental condition in which permanent molars have various rudimentary cups on enamel. These rudimentary cups are round in shape. Mulberry molars occur as a main sign of congenital syphilis. It is a physical defect of permanent molars. In this condition, permanent molars are dwarfed with cusps and whole enamel is covered with globular growths. These abnormal molars will function properly and are fixed with implants, bridges and crowns.

The globular growths are present just on the top of molars and teeth looks normal just above the gum line. Congenital syphilis is the most common cause reported behind mulberry molars. Other causes include enamel hypoplasia and deficiency in composition of enamel. The dentin and pulp of molars look normal only the outer covering i.e. enamel and outer sheath is deformed and thin. It creates a smaller version of typical tooth.

Usually the grinding surface of molars containss a pit which is surrounded by circular ridge. But in case of mulberry molars, this pit is not present and if present, then it is extremely shallow. Actually pit is not absent instead it is filled with globular growths which are joined together and covers all along the surface.

Mulberry Molars Images

Mulberry Molars Images, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Mulberry Molars Symptoms

Mulberry molars symptoms are visible. It is a dental condition in which permanent molars are involved. Basically it is the deformity of permanent molars. Pit is absent or shallow. Actually pit is not really absent but it is filled with globular growths. The globular growths are connected to each other and cover the whole top surface of molars. Rudimentary cups are present on surface of defective molars. The grinding surface is also corrupted. Mulberry molars look normal just above the gum line but deformity is apparent all along the cusp or grinding surface of Mulberry molars.

Mulberry Molars Causes

Mulberry molars have most common cause i.e. congenital syphilis. And mulberry molars is considered a main sign of congenital syphilis. It passes from mother to her fetus during pregnancy and may run into family. It is present by birth but appears after falling of baby teeth and during growth of permanent molars. So it is considered a late stage sign of congenital syphilis. Hutchinson disease is another leading cause of deformed teeth. In this disease, teeth are placed far apart from one another. Sometimes congenital syphilis and Hutchinson disease occur simultaneously. Other causes include common cold, urinary tract disease, late congenital syphilis and hypoglycemia.

Mulberry Molars Treatment

Mulberry molars are smaller in size than normal molars. Basically enamel is defective in mulberry molars and the internal structure including roots are normal. It is a physiological disease. So cosmetic dental surgery is the only treatment. There are many ways to cover defective enamel of molars 1st one of them is dental crown. Veneers and bonds both are used as dental crown to cover front side of mulberry molars. 2nd one is dental bridge, in this two dental crowns are applied which are linked via bridge. 3rd one is dental implant. In dental implant, the whole tooth is changed.

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