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Mcburney's point Location, Tenderness, Test

Mcburney's point was named after a surgeon who first described it in 1800's. This is very useful test to identify various abdominal pains associated with diseases like appendicitis, peritonitis, inflammatory abdominal disease or pain due to some abdominal infection.

Mcburey's point lies in right lower quadrant of abdomen at the junction of spinoumbilical line. It has about one third distance from anterior superior iliac spine to umbilicus. Clinically, this area is important because pain of certain acute infections can be felt at this point upon putting mild to moderate pressure on this point.

Mcburney's point and Mcburney's sign are related terms used in same conditions. For example if patient feels pain or tenderness at Mcburney's point then it means he/she has some kind of acute infection and this tenderness will be termed as Mcburney's sign.

This area is also important from surgery point of view because surgeon mark incision right at this point (spinoumbilical line) to remove inflamed appendix (appendicitis). This surgical procedure is termed as appendectomy. Clinically, this point has strong correlation with appendix pain most commonly adopted by surgeon and physicians to rule out appendicitis pain. Further confirmation is done via lower abdominal ultrasound which reveals out the inflammatory process clearly if there is any.

Mcburney's point Location, Tenderness, Test

Mcburney's point Location

Mcburney's point (marked with blue arrow in the picture) is located at the junction of spinoumbilical line. It is about 5cm above the anterior superior spine of ilium and between the umbilicus and spine where patient feels pain and tenderness upon exerting mild to moderate pressure via finger tip.

Mcburney's point Tenderness

Mcburney's point tenderness is also termed as Mcburney's sign or simply positive Mcburney's test. During this procedure when doctor exerts pressure via finger tip on Mcburney's point that gives a sensation of deep tenderness or pain to patient is ususally known as Mcburney's point tenderness or Mcburney's sign.

Mcburney's point Test

To perform Mcburney's test ask patient to lie in spine position with relaxed abdominal muscles and slightly flexed the knees. Now, put pressure slowly but deeply in the right lower quadrant of abdomen at 5 cm away from anterior superior spine of ilium and between the umbilicus and spine. If this procedure gives a pain sensation or deep tenderness to a patient then Mcburney's point test will be consider positive and more likely to indicate acute infection like appendicitis.
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