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Hyperthymesia Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Test, Treatment, HSAM


Hyperthymesia is characterized by a state in which person have deep detailed autobiographical memory. Person having such mental state remembers vast number of life events that happened in past. Generally it can be described as state of super memory.  


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  • What is Hyperthymesia
  • Hyperthymesia Definition
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  • Highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM)
  • Hyperthymestic Syndrome
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  • Marilu Henner Hyperthymesia
  • Do I have hyperthymesia
  • Eidetic Memory vs Iconic Memory

Hyperthymesia Meaning

Hyperthymesia is a word derived from Greek work hyperthymesis meaning excessive remembering.Hyper mean excessive and thymesis means  remembering.

What is Hyperthymesia

Hyperthymesia is unusual mental state or unique neurological condition in which person memorizes vast number of life experiences that happened in past. They even remember a small event happened in their life that a normal person can not memorize it. They have deep kind of memory as compared to a person having normal memory.  

Hyperthymesia Definition

Hyperthymesia can be defined as hyperthymestic syndrome in which person have unusual level of memory or superior autobiographical memory. He has the ability to recall vast number of life events and personal experiences happened in past.

Hyperthymesia Symptoms

People with hyperthymesia are just like normal persons with only difference that they can recall even a minor events happened in their life as compared to person with normal memory. Some major sign and symptoms through which we may able to distinguish such persons are deep semantic memory, exceptional episodic memory, ability to recall minor events, exceptional capacity of memorizing, high reasoning capacity etc.

Traditional way to analyze or evaluate these symptoms in a person is just asking questions about minor events that happened in his or her life. But clinically it is necessary to perform motor function tests to make it sure.

Hyperthymesia Causes

At the moment, we do not have enough clinical data to find out exact mechanism that triggers hyperthymesia. However, various studies and laboratory findings reveals that person having hyperthymesia have enlarged temporal lobe and caudate nucleus. Temporal lobe is important part of brain because it contains various components that are regulating process of semantic memory and episodic memory.

Hyperthymesia Treatment

Hyperthymesia is neither pathological condition nor it is intense clinical emergency condition that requires prompt intervention. Though, It is some kind of functional deviation from normal process but becoming a person that have super memory is not undesirable. Clinically, person having hyperthymesia have no complaints regarding his or her mental activity so, no intervention is required unless patient feels some kind of functional or structural disturbance in cerebral region.

Hyperthymesia Test

Hyperthymesia tests can be categorized into 3 parts e.g motor function tests, radiographic scanning tests and electrophysiological tests. All tests are non-invasive and performed under supervision of professionally trained radiologist or electrophysiologist. Motor function tests are most commonly performed to analyze mental activity tests like reasoning capacity, logical thinking gauge, memorization and ability to recall minor events happened in past.

Motor function Tests

Motor function test are performed to check neuronal activity of brain during movement, speech and
memorizing. Moreover, they are also used to analyze mental activity like reasoning capacity, logical thinking gauge, memorization and ability to recall minor events happened in past. These tests include visual motor functions test, lateralisation, executive function test, pattern recognition test, language ability test

Radiographic scanning

Radiographic scanning is performed to examine internal structures cerebral region to rule out any structural abnormality if person complaints other than usual. These tests include Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test , Computerized tomography (CT-Scan) test

Electrophysiological tests

Electrophysiological tests are conducted to examine rhythmic activity of cerebral area.These tests include Electroencephalograph (EEG) etc. Basically elcetrophysiological tests are used to analyze the pattern cerebral waves and their frequency.

Hyperthymesia vs Eidetic

Functionally, Hyperthymesia and eidectic are different from each other. In hyperthymesia person have deep autobiographical memory of events that happened previously while Eidetic memory is characterized by a state in which person have vast and strong photographic memory. Person with eidetic memory has ability to recall anything seen in past like face recognition, scene recognition etc.

How to get Hyperthymesia

Though it is unusual pattern but it imparts exceptional memorizing capacity that is desirable to everyone. It is God gifted trait that can not be achieved through medical assistance or by doing something.

Highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM)

Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) is a rare kind of state that was discovered few years ago. It is a condition in which  the person can recall the vast majority of personal experiences and events in their lives. Generally this state is know as hyperthymesia but clinical point of view it is defined as Highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM).

Hyperthymestic Syndrome

Clinically, hyperthymesia is often pronounced as hyperthymestic Syndrome to make it more understandable for medical professionals. Hyperthymestic Syndrome can be defined as highly superior autobiographical Memory (HSAM) that enables the individual to memorize vast number of events that happened previously.

People with Hyperthymesia

Hyperthymesia is a mental condition of having an extraordinary autobiography memory to remember everything of the past. The people with Hyperthymesia have an ability to remember the vast number of experiences of their life. In general, it takes much time to remember old memories of life, but there are 25 universally famous people who have amazing memory regarding the detail of events in the past.

Marilu Henner is one of these 25 people possessing hyperthymesia. There are many doctrines about hyperthymesia that let you know how people get hyperthymesia, but most theories explain that it is a natural phenomenon that people possess such remarkable memory.

Marilu Henner Hyperthymesia

Marilu Henner is a famous American radio host, producer, actress and author who owns great memory to remember everything of her life in past. In fact, she owns the hyperthymesia which you have read somewhere. When someone talks her about her past live and events, then she tells every moment of her life in detail that demonstrates wonderful memory she possesses. She is a lady who has everything stored in her gray box to tell others. It is said that Marilu Henner Hyperthymesia is impressive and she has good command in her memory. She has shared several bad and good events of her past life, even her childhood with her fans and followers in different platforms.

There are also many events which she has told people by radio in detail. If you are studying about Hyperthymesia and seeking the best example of a person who owns this type of memory, then Marilu Henner is the best example. She is one of the people who have superior autobiographical memory in the world as well as in the USA. Marilu says that it is quite easy to remember an event regardless it is a good or bad in life, but this is really a boring and complex thing to keep any date, day, year, conversation with an unknown person, even the single word spoken somewhere in memory. It is her basic quality to remind such ordinary things whenever someone asks her.

Do I have hyperthymesia

This is an extremely tough job to identify yourself whether you possess an autobiographical memory or not. If someone is conscious of getting an answer of “do I have hyperthymesia”, then there are some ways to find the right reply to this question. There are two possibilities of possessing the hyperthymesia; inherited and psychological practices.

Many people want to develop their memories for digestion of more number of events, information and things. If a person wants to estimate his/her own autobiographical memory, then he/she can test it by remembering different events and little things of the past. If you get succeeded to remember the events or things of your life in the past, then you will be a person with hyperthymesia.

Eidetic Memory vs Iconic Memory

It takes much time to remember the images, events, conversations and other things within few instances. However, if someone possesses such memory, then it is called autobiographic memory. Anyway, there are two basic types of the memory which human beings may own; Eidetic and Iconic Memory. If you compare the Eidetic memory vs Iconic memory, then you will get two different ideas.

Eidetic memory is a quality to memorize as well as vividly recall the images from old memories within few instances with a great accuracy. Iconic memory is the quality to pick and remind the visual domain, facts or things from visual information.

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